A Little Bit of History

The inspiration to write goes back to my childhood when I penciled rhymes and sang happy songs, but it wasn’t until the late 1970s that the inner flame to express myself, my life, my emotions had vastly consumed me ... ignited by a journey of painful despair and constant upheaval, of hopes and dreams dissolved into life lessons.  Pouring my thoughts into pages and pages of poetry was my escape during the darker times.  After that, I found myself escaping into a fantasy world while attempting to write a romance novel, that never came to fruition called The Boy On The Horse.  The winds of a different reality swept me away.

The inspiration eventually was sparked again with a much greater passion in the late 1980s when I wrote and published my first book in 1990 on my research of Christmas.  It was absolutely unexpected that I would ever write on the subject of Christmas - and although the way it went was totally not my intent - the disturbing issues I unveiled became a mountainous challenge that changed my life path.  In the early 1990s I wrote many articles and sent query letters to various magazines for an opportunity to be published.  I eventually gave up trying to get published and instead went head deep into computers ... which was one of my smarter decisions in life.

Wading through life's murky waters had turned many a dream into a nightmare, yet the nightmares drew me to search for light, and light I always seemed to find.  Because of many unwanted circumstances, I know the darkness well, as I have dwelt in the depth of its utter misery.  I have lived and witnessed the glorious blessings and miracles that come from a bold, strong, and powerful faith.  I know what my life has gone through, was not in vain.  I know because I must know.

During my life, there were so many doors that opened before me and many lured me in, taking me to places I had never been.  Some, sadly, lead me astray.  I was, and I am a hopeful wandering soul, not a willing to die soul, nor a puppet soul, or an owned soul, in which I had escaped such shackles time and time and time again.  Only in time did I come to perceive the reason why ... and, many times - what I felt - was devious deception.

My life certainly has ’lived and survived’.  The long enduring path has given me a spiritual foundation built stronger, wiser, and is one that has at times kept me from completely cracking.  I have tread and sifted through both the seen and the unseen dark forces at work, and I’ve been illuminated in the brightest of light.  The word ‘endurance’ has always been my way ... to endure is to reach everlasting.

As each book ... each chapter ... each page unfolds, I hope somewhere in the midst of my words it might inspire, encourage, uplift, strengthen, and open eyes to greater heights.  To remember to rise and to keep rising!  To Endure in Faith!


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